Open Topics

Please find here the offered topic calls for this semester.

More information and links are provided in the Mattermost Group AILab Student Projects (in case you don't have access reach out to your supervisors).


Step 1: Apply for a Project through a Pitch Session

Please reach out to the supervisor to have a pitch presentation for the projects.

Before the pitch session, you have to find a group of 2-4 students (e.g. use our Mattermost channel AI Lab Project to find equally interested team members).

In the pitch session, each group will give a 5 min presentation. This includes:

  • A short motivation (why you want to do this project).
  • Explain your understanding of the project, such that we can see that you have read the recommended literature and grasped the problem correctly.
  • Show us that you have the required skills (have you done any similar projects, or classes, etc.)
  • Optionally, you can also propose any first ideas to tackle the problem. This is going to be important if multiple groups apply for a project. If the approaches are profoundly different we might have two groups for the project.

Send the presentation and a list of team members (if not already included in the presentation) to the supervisor beforehand.

After the pitch session, we will inform you if you got the project timely (might take a day).


Step 2: Getting started

In the first preparation phase, the goal is to familiarize yourself with the literature in the chosen topic to narrow down a topic and set realistic goals for the project. Furthermore, the idea is to familiarize yourself with the environment and start first baseline implementations.

The results of this phase will be presented and discussed in your kick-off presentation in our AI Lab Colloquium. The purpose is to make sure that the preparation (e.g. literature review) is sufficient, the goal is challenging but achievable in a semester, the timeline and work distribution is realistic.


Step 3: Working on the project

During the project, you work based on your schedule and the discussions with your supervisor. In mid-semester, there is a progress presentation to gather feedback from a larger audience before starting the final project phase, approve potential changes to the project plan and make sure you are on track with the project goals and timeline.

Your findings of the project should be documented in a written report. Please the detailed requirements with your supervisor.


Step 4: Final Presentation and Report

The project wraps up with a final presentation of 20 Min + Discussion where you should summarize the project and its findings in a way that others can learn from it. Furthermore, we expect that you evaluate whether the planned goal was achieved and motivate people to dig deeper into your topic by reading your project report or potentially doing a follow-up project.

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